Some positive posts about China on LinkedIn

On the LinkedIn I saw sometimes posts about China. China has a clear strategic plan. China built an airport only in three years. Chinese work longer and harder. It’s so conveninent and cheap to buy service and food on an app.

I just came back from the trip to China after six years separation due to the pandemie. What’s behind the scene is. A lot of farmer workers worked 24 hours, no holiday, hopefully got their salary at the end of the year. 996 working culture and over 20% unemployment rate among young people. Extreme exploit of the deliver men on every second. Over package and extrem harm to environment.

Yet, the passage of six years has kept me distanced from my homeland, due to a confluence of factors including the pandemic. Regrettably, this span of absence encompassed a pivotal event—my beloved grandpa’s centenary celebration, an occasion that slipped through my fingers as he passed away just two weeks prior to our planned reunion. Simultaneously, our family shoe shop, 23 years, had to be shut down, because it was hard to make any money. The digital era and the advent of e-commerce significantly impacted small shops.

Climate change is not a problem hier

You can feel the climate change in China. The summer is extrem hot. Strange weather occur much often. But climate change is not a problem for normal people. No one really cares. People buy almost everything online, from clothes, electronics, tables to meals.

Excessive packaging

Too much package produced from online shopping. Overpackage are a serious problem. So many plastic rubish are created each day. The conundrum of overpackaging exacerbates the plastic waste predicament, contributing to the burgeoning piles of daily refuse.

Footsteps of the Deliverers

How can be the delivery service so successful? It has strong reason to the delivery man. The low salary and the long workhour make it possible. You saw only delivery man on the street when it was 35 degrees in August. They own about 1 euro for one delivery. They need to run in order not to be late. Otherwise, they will get less money.

Long working Hours

You might have heard 996, which means tech workers work from 9am to 9pm, 6 days a week. That’s 72 hours per week. You can read more here

If you think 72 hours per week a lot. You are wrong.

Noodle restaurant

A very nice couple from Lan Zhou make hand-pulled noodles. They told me they work from 7am to 11pm, 7 days per week.

Roller shop

A young man owned this E-roller shop. He said he has to work according to the customers’ time and work from 7am to 9pm.

Taxi driver in Shanghai

A young taxi driver brought us from the hotel to the train station. He came to Shanghai early this year. He told me, the local shanghainese don’t want to have such work. Because he need to work 24hours then he can have 24 hours pause.

According to the official reports, 6 billion people own less than 1000 Yuan (120€) per month. The life of the most people are far less than good. If normal peoples’ problems won’t be solved, there is no meaning for me to praise China.

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