As a solution architect you are supposed to know every service and able to design secure, resilient, high-performance, or cost-optimized architecture according to given requirements.
The architect below is a serverless service for user welcome email flow.

Welcome email architect



Since my first post about AWS IAM I didn’t manage to write any progress time to time. The effort and time needed for this exam was much more than I expected. Working in consultancy means always limited time for other activities if you are on projects which has tight deadline. So I tried my best and took time I have for this preparation.

In total I spent about 3 months to complete Stéphane Maarek’s AWS certified Solutions Architect Associate Udemy Course and 1 month to do the mock tests by Stéphane Maarek and Abishek on Udemy.


  • IAM
  • EC2
  • Instance Storage
  • AWS Relational Database (RDS)
  • AWS S3
  • AWS CloudFront
  • AWS Storage Extras
  • AWS Integration and Messaging
  • Containers
  • Serverless
  • Data Analytics
  • Machine learning
  • AWS Monitoring & Audit
  • AWS Security & Encryption
  • Networking - VPC
  • Disaster Recovery & Migration


This diagram presents the intricate components of the Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). Comprehending this concept proved to be quite the challege for me. The diagram’s intricacy was noteworthy and collectively, it can feel a bit overwhelming.

Nonetheless, this exam has pushed me to learn new topics like networking, IT security, routing, etc. However, once you understood it, you will appreciate the effort you put and are confident to implement any AWS service. AWS-vpc

The journey was marked by the several challenges, including:

  • Cover almost every AWS service which includes extrem contents.
  • Trackling intricate topics that demanded multiple revists to course materials.
  • Time management. Parallel to this exam I had commitments to the Data Engineering Zoomcamp and MLOps Zoomcamp.


In hindsight, this journey has been a remarkable testament to the power of persistence and continuous learning . You can do it!

PS: Stéphane Maarek’s udemy courses are one of the best courses there for AWS exams.

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