Some of you may have noticed that I havn’t updated my blog in the last three weeks. I experienced a moment of panic where I questioned myself whether I could continue with the goal I had set for myself?

The main thought that was bothering me was related to ChatGPT, which is a Large Language Model (LLM) introduced by OpenAI and the hottest topic in Tech. As an applied NLP engineer I am super excited about its advancements in NLP. We didn’t expect such a huge progess in such a short time. But as a blog owner, it made me question why I should spend hours and days creating my own content when ChatGPT can generate articles with good quality within seconds? Who would read and care about what I write?

A Pause

After realizing that this panic was unwarranted, I decided to take a pause on my blog to reflect and recharge. But I continue being active and positive.

Data Engineering Zoomcamp

The Data Engineering Zoomcamp continues. We are almost at its conclusion after the batch processing with Spark and stream processing with Kafka.

Meetup Events

I attended a meetup organized by net4tec. It was a great evening to meet a lot of inspiring people and get the positive spirit and fun at the same time. One fun thing is that I actully met one of the managing director from my company and can discuss with her about our work with AI. I plan on attending more events like this if possible, including the upcoming event Building Data Products: Insights from Female Founders on the 15th March.

Trying New Tools

Tools, or applications based on ChatGPT are made every day. You can see that in the trending repository on Github. Since the recent release of GPT-3.5-turbo models by OpenAi, it’s very fast and cheap to use it. I want to recommend two applications which I liked a lot.

Work in NLP Projects

I’ve been working on two NLP projects, Sentiment Analysis with news and Information Extraction from documents. Both projects require different problem definitions and unfortunately the Super Star ChatGPT can’t really help. What ChatGPT good at is text and conversation generation. We need NLP libraries like spaCy to do some custom modeling to solve the custom problems.


My goal for this blog is to document my learning journey and improve my writing skills by explaining various topics to the public. At the end, I am happy that I have my own domain and contents that have a place on the internet.

I have come to the realization that a pause can be beneficial and that it is important to embrace opportunities rather than fear them. While ChatGPT is a powerful tool, it cannot solve every problem, and there is still a need for custom modeling and expertise in the field. I am excited to continue my work in NLP and look forward to sharing my insights and experiences with my readers. Remember you can’t climb a high mountain without a break. Use this break to reflect and tank in order to go further and higher.


  • Picture from aatlas on Pixabay

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